Fun for all ages

Laugh. Play. Connect. Repeat.

Family Fun at Every Corner

Here, family extends beyond your own to a much larger one – the One Steamboat Place and Timbers Resorts family. At One Steamboat Place people come together and create memories. Joy and laughter permeate the air as new friendships are forged and family bonds grow stronger. A One Steamboat Place vacation home will provide a setting to create precious memories, sure to last a lifetime.


With views of the slopes, this popular spot for adults and kids features two large flat-screen TV’s replete with Wii, Xbox, pool, ping pong and shuffleboard tables, board games, chess boards, Pacman and high top tables with chairs.

Tykes Room

For the younger set, the Tykes Room is endlessly entertaining with many ideas for make-believe. An elevated stage with curtains, karaoke, a box of costumes, and chairs for a pint-sized audience encourages thespian creativity at a young age. The bookcase filled with storybooks, coloring books, stuffed animals and more appeals to the youthful nature of the room’s frequent guests.